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Don’t worry if Your Child is ‘Adventurous’

You would like to take your child to the park or a playground, but you would also be very conscious about the safety of your child while playing. Sometimes, the parents start yelling at the kids when they climb up a moderately high ladder, or they jump down from a few-feet higher place. Here, it could be worth mentioning that yelling like this doesn’t really help the kids to understand how their parents care for them. It, in fact, tells the kid that world is not a safer place, and that they are too weak to handle any dangerous situation. So, if you are a worried parent like this, your efforts in making your child a resilient person would never be effective.

It doesn’t really mean that you should track your kid in the playground to ensure that he is safe. But if he comes back with a scrapped knee, or an even bigger injury, it shouldn’t make you to be a restrictive parent who tends to stop the kid from going to every little adventure. Here, you can consider these small injuries to be the learning curves for your child. Next time, you can urge your child to stay safe by giving reference to the injury.

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is that the best parental decisions come from the peaceful minds, not from the ones filled with fear. So, when you see that your child is getting adventurous when their game progresses, you need to calm yourself and avoid imposing any quicker decision which might interrupt the game which they are playing pretty confidently. Remember, being overly cautious doesn’t only take the confidence away from the kids but it also negatively programs your subconscious. While you cannot avoid being anxious in different situations, you surely need to avoid making any decisions when you are in that state of mind.

Here is how you can stop being overly worried about your kids and stay happy.

  1. Firs8t, you need to notice the patterns of your anxiety. Noticing is the quick diagnosis which you can make to figure out what’s wrong with you. When you observe that your mind has started falling into the abyss of fear, you can take some deep breaths, shake your hands and let go of the fear. When you tend to make your body relaxed, your mind automatically receives the positive signals.
  2. Another thing that you need to remember is that you don’t need to believe in everything your mind is telling you, especially when it makes you anxious about anything. What your mind thinks might just not be true. What you are really worried about is the future based on your bad experiences from the past. These kinds of hypothetical conclusions end up being untrue most of the times.
  3. Finally, it’s turn to reprogram your conscious. When you are able to let go of the fear, you can make it your permanent belief that nothing can go wrong even if there is some calculated risk taken in order to get anything done, and that failures in the path are just the learning curves which should be anticipated rather than despised.

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